1. Quiet Enjoyment and Use: Owner agrees to permit User quiet enjoyment of the Premises during the term of a Rental Agreement, providing that User adheres to the terms and conditions thereof, and the limitations of use on the schedule of fees attached thereto. User is defined as the person(s) signing the rental agreement. The User, or designated representative(s) identified to the Owner, must be present during the full rental period.

2. Housekeeping: User shall keep the Premises neat, clean and in good repair. This includes removal of trash. A dumpster is located at the rear of the building. Custodial services will be provided for and paid for by Owner for routine cleaning including vacuuming, dusting, window cleaning, floor mopping, cleaning and resupplying bathrooms and the kitchen area. User shall leave the Premises in at least as clean a condition as prior to User’s use when the set-up/clean-up services are waived. Any damage shall be reported to Owner as soon as possible. Any damage caused by the User and the cost of any repairs shall be reimbursed to Owner in addition to the ordinary fees for use. Extraordinary fees for cleaning or maintenance shall be the responsibility of User.

3. Conditions of Use: It is understood that use of the Premises under this Rental Agreement is subject to the following specific conditions:

a) Compliance with Laws: User and Owner shall at all times comply with the laws, regulations and requirements of governmental and public authorities pertaining to use of the Premises.

b) Owner Policies: User shall comply with all of the Owner’s use policies now in effect, as defined below, as well as other policies established by the owners of the Village at Waugh Chapel.

The following uses are not permitted without the specific approval of the Owner on an individual case basis:

i. Food shall not be cooked on the premises, however prepared food may be brought onto the premises with prior approval.
ii. Allowing beer, wine or alcohol to be consumed on the premises, unless user first procures from the Board of License Commissioners for Anne Arundel County a one day license therefor. Owner will, on request, furnish user with the proper paperwork for this purpose.
iii. Playing loud music (live or recorded).
iv. Activities involving the sale of goods or services unless used to raise funds for operation of the Village Commons Community Center.
v. Religious services
vi. Political events or fundraisers
viii. Movie theaters, live performances or other fee-based entertainment .

ix. Catered or private affairs such as wedding parties, corporate parties, etc.
x. Recreational, athletic or similar purposes, including yoga or exercise clinics.
xi. Open flame candles.
xii. Smoking.
xiii. No glitter and/or confetti
xiv. No decorations may be attached to the ceiling or walls
xv. For profit activities.
xvi. Driving or parking on any sidewalks or fire lanes

c) Children:

i . Will be counted as participants if they sit in their own chair and are capable of feeding themselves;
ii Are NOT ALLOWED to RUN in the facility at any time.


If any of these policies change during the terms of this Rental Agreement, and such changes make it difficult or impossible to comply with the purposes of use, User shall give immediate notice to Owner that User cannot use the Premises due to change in policy. In such a case, long term Users shall be afforded sixty (60) days from Owner’s receipt of such notice to locate to an alternative location.

4. Liability and Indemnification: When required by the Owner, User shall maintain liability insurance to cover its activities on the Premises and shall provide a certificate of insurance to Owner naming Owner as an additional insured. User agrees to indemnify and hold Owner harmless against any and all claims against Owner arising out of User’s use of the Premises.

5. Assignments: User shall not assign or sublet any part of the Premises without the written approval of the Owner.

6. Defaults and Remedies: If User defaults in the performance of any of these Terms and Conditions, Owner will provide written notification and evidence of such default to User and may, at its option, provide written notice to Owner to vacate the Premises immediately. If User defaults on any of these terms and conditions, Owner shall provide written notification and evidence of such default to User and allow User 10 days from receipt of such notice to cure the default. If User fails to cure the default, the Owner may, at its option, take action to rectify such default on User’s behalf and at User’s expense, after which Owner may provide written notice to User to vacate the Premises.

If Owner defaults in the performance or observance of any terms or conditions under this Rental Agreement, User shall provide written notice and evidence of such default to Owner and allow Owner 10 days from receipt of such written notification to cure the default. If Owner fails to cure the default, then User may, at its option, withhold a pro rate share of payment of the rent incurred during the period of default, or the User may provide written notice to Owner and terminate the Rental Agreement.

7. Vacating the Premises: Upon termination of a Rental Agreement, User shall vacate the Premises and leave said Premises in the same condition existing on the effective date of the agreement, normal wear and tear excluded.

8. Acceptance of Premises: User accepts the Premises in its as-is condition and agrees that Owner shall not be liable for any patent defect, deterioration or change in the condition of the Premises, nor for damage to damage or to persons or property resulting from same.

During the term of the Rental Agreement, Owner has the right to make improvements and/or alterations to Premises. Owner shall make reasonable efforts to make such improvements and/or alterations during those hours when Premises is not in use by the User or that would not materially impact the use of the Premises by User. Owner agrees to keep User apprised of the construction schedule associated with such improvements and/or alterations prior to the start of such work.

9. Insurance: Owner maintains insurance on the improvements to Premises for the full insurable value of replacement cost basis, covering against loss from fire and perils included in the broad form all risk extended coverage endorsement. User shall maintain insurance as required by paragraph 4 above.

10. Condemnation: In the event the whole of the Premises shall be taken under the power of eminent domain, the lease shall then terminate on the effective date of the condemnation.

11. Cancellation Policy:
The rent specified in the Rental Agreement, to which these provisions are attached by reference, shall include a non-refundable deposit based upon the following schedule:

a. For cancellation more than 30 days prior to the event: $25 or 25% of the rent, whichever is greater.
b. For cancellation within 15 to 30 days prior to the event: $25 or 50% of the rent, whichever is greater.
c. For cancellation less than 15 days prior to the event: $25 or 100% of the rent, whichever is greater.

If cancellation is because of a death in the family, natural disaster or other extenuating circumstances (e.g., inclement weather that makes travel to or use of the VCCC unsafe) the deposit can be applied to a future rental within one (1) year from the canceled event or a $50 cancellation fee will be imposed and the balance of the payment will be returned to the renter. A cancellation fee may be waived if the Center can be re-rented for the canceled date.

12. Point of Contact: For questions about scheduling an event and to initiate the approval process, users wishing to tour the facility or arranging for set up or take down services, contact Mai Leigh, Event Coordinator at 410-693-4276.

13. Fees:

a. Security Deposit: NO rental date will be guaranteed until a non-refundable security deposit, as outlined below, is received by VCCC,

i. For rentals less than $100, full payment;

ii. Rentals from $100 to $300, $100depos

iii Rentals >$300, 30% of rental cost.

Such security deposit will be applied against the total fees for the event.

b. Full payment of the rental fees must be paid no less than 30 days in advance of the rental date. If said rental is not so paid, Owner reserves the right to reclaim the time and space so reserved.

c. Damage Deposit: A $250 refundable damage deposit will be charged on all rentals to be applied against any repairs or extraordinary cleaning expenses. Charges for any amount of time that exceeds the amount of that designated on the rental lease may be deducted from the damage deposit. Additionally, if renters exceed the range for the number of people specified in the lease, the higher rate will be applied and deducted from the damage deposit. Any unused portion of the deposit shall be returned to User within 30 days of the expiration of this lease

d. Mandatory set-up and clean-up will apply to all events. This service will include the setup of the room to the clients specifications and the delivery of the facility and equipment in a clean condition. The service also provides for the VCCC, Inc. to provide the return of clean equipment to its original stored place, removal of full trash bags, and cleaning of bathrooms, carpets, flooring, etc. This service is not to clean up debris or decorations from the event. If the client would like to request that service, it can be provided at a cost of $50 per hour.

e. Mandatory floor mats are required if any food is offered at the event.  they are $5 per mat.